4/20/11 – Crab Cay, Bahamas

I think Tom has had it.  I always forget it is not KAY it actually is key.  I don’t know why they just don’t spell it right, and everyone thinks I can’t spell!!!

A lot of water and coral all the way around-not much else

It was a very uneventful trip, didn’t see any critters, oh I take that back Tom said he saw a cormorant and a sea turtle, I think he was smoking something, but then again I had my nose in a book the whole time.

We thought we had found a really good anchoring spot to stay for the night, turns out it is pretty hard scoured and very very hard to set an anchor.  For some reason I kept telling him don’t go that way it is too shallow, so of course he went that way, so contrary!  We did get the anchor set pretty early in the day, I believe it was around 1pm.

There was only one other boat here, a big honking power boat…complete with crew!  I grabbed my deck chair, a bowl of cheesies and my book and laid out for a couple hours.  What a lazy person I am.  Ha ha ha!

Tom stayed below doing sudoku puzzles.  When I came down for cocktail hour, I went “manic” in Tom’s words and made homemade tortillas and then homemade wet burritos.  The sauce was pretty interesting as I didn’t have any tomato sauce to use as a base I had to use stewed tomatoes and jalapeños with beef juice and tabasco.  I turned out pretty good but hotter then heck.  As I was cooking another sail boat came into the basin and promptly ran aground (in the same area that I was telling Tom to avoid)(it is NOT located on our charts and wasn’t on theirs either).  Good neighbor Tom (or nosy Tom which ever you prefer) got on the VHF and hailed them.  He told them that they were on the up swing of the tide and if they just waited for an hour or two the tide would lift them off.  Those two talked for quite a while.  Hard to believe that they were out here without a tide chart.  Man you live by them out here or die!  That is not an exaggeration!

Night photo out of the hatch of the boat

Anyway, we never got off the boat, there was nothing to see here!  So Tom let me beat him at 500 rummy, then we took our showers and crawled into bed to read until we fell asleep.

Pretty unexciting!

Until next time!

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  1. Ann says:

    You really are scraping the bottom of the barrel if you are making salsa out of tobacco! I bet it was smoking